Week 2: Using other Blogs to make mine more fruitful!

Create a blog post that includes THREE key ideas or activities from ONE reading that teachers would find useful.

I will focus on Pericles, K. (2008). Happily blogging @ Belmore South. SCAN, 27(2), 4-6.

1 – The most relevant aspect of this article, for my personal pedagogy, is the fact that “students have the background and cultural knowledge to be unafraid of technology, or trying something new in class” (Pericles, K, 2008 p.6). It is the teachers who are usually afraid of utilising “new” teaching methods and ways and this needs to be changed as we, the teacher, are the tools to introduce change. The practical ideas made me realise that blogging is a useful tool, which actually is not as hard as it looks (as long as it is set up properly.)

2 – I liked the personal touch idea of the students creating their own “Animated avatars”. As a class they were creating games, and scripts and then assigning their own voices and digitally designed “computer versions” of themselves. I think having this computer avatar would increase student engagement with the task, collaboration with peers and is centered on play and fun.

3 – Sharing a history of Australia with other places around the world. I loved the idea that they were linked to a class in Scotland and that they used a WIKI to collaborate with other students and to demonstrate learning. I think this is a great link to other schools, fresh ideas, other children and most of all the geographic accessibility is amazing. This to me was an incredible new age view on a traditional pen pal! A new literacy at another level!


Pericles, K. (2008). Happily blogging @ Belmore South. SCAN, 27(2), 4-6

Happily Blogging

Find 2 educational blogs you could use to model to your class as an examples of an effective blog.



Stage 2 class (this is a year 4 classroom)

  • Clear layout, but uses colours and images to make it enticing.
  • Clear links that navigate visitors around the site
  • Links to other blogs, student resources and parents too!


Stage 3 class (could be used and adapted based on teacher scaffolding for younger kids)

  • This is more for layout, and showing that the blog can be sectioned in a clear and aesthetically pleasing way
  • It demonstrates that students can use images, large font and text treatments to make points stand out. It alerts them to the need to be mindful of this when creating their posts, to ensure they are clear to their readers.
  • Students section which also is a great list of how to use a blog, rules for being involved in a blog, appropriate ways to comment and many more
  • Great starting point on how to navigate through a blog, areas you would like to replicate in class, how to leave comments appropriately and respectfully, and also links to great online resources to help create blog content.

Scoop It Task:

Quality children’s literature resources to help me be a parent and teacher who uses great stories that fulfill a quality criteria!



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